There are many benefits for clearing clutter.  You free up space eliminating the need to rent external storage space or move to a larger home.  You know what you own so you save money by eliminating the need to buy something you already have but can’t remember you have or can’t find.  You save time by finding what you want when you need it.  These benefits are obvious, right?  But have you thought of the impact that clearing clutter can have on your mental well-being?



Opening your eyes to the chaos created by piles of clothes, books or children’s toys in your bedroom is bound to suck your energy.  Same with sitting down at a desk covered with scraps of paper, uncapped pens and half-empty cup of coffee.  Your brain needs more energy to process all there’s around you and focus which makes you feel tired before even getting up or starting any work.

Get Organised and Beyond Singapore Clearing Clutter Energy

People typically get a real energy boost when they get rid of stuff they don’t need, use or love, and put away things where they belong.  They’re more productive and get more done.



People who own more things than their space can accommodate, or who try to fit in more activities and tasks that their schedule can take, report feeling guilty because they feel they lost control over their homes and lives, and as a result feel stressed.

Get Organised and Beyond Singapore Clearing Clutter Stress

Streamlining your possessions being your clothes, kitchenware, medicine, kids’ toys, paper etc. and getting rid of activities that don’t serve your professional and personal goals will help you regain control of your home and life, and make you feel more at peace.



Messiness and lateness are often associated with failure, so by clearing clutter, you’ll likely regain your self-esteem.  You’ll feel proud of your home and feel more inclined to invite friends over for dinner or your children’s friends for a playdate.  You’ll feel you’re setting the right example for your spouse and children.  You’ll give a professional image to your boss, colleagues and clients.

Get Organised and Beyond Singapore Clearing Clutter Self Esteem



We enjoy our surroundings more when each thing we own has its own place – and can be found in its place.  We are more inclined to spend time at home with our family.  We honour a loved one’s memory by displaying that special item that was previously buried with plenty of others in a carton box that was never looked at.  Our mood is improved and so are our relationships as we spend less time arguing with our spouse and children over clutter or lateness.

Get Organised and Beyond Singapore Clearing Clutter Happiness



Clearing clutter involves letting go of the past and of some of your hopes for the future.  In the process, you’ll figure out what’s really important in your life at that point of time.  And you’ll be able to make room for it because you’ll have less stuff to take care of.  It’ll allow you to live your life to its fullest.

Get Organised and Beyond Singapore Clearing Clutter Clarity


“I can’t tell you how much stress it removes” | “I feel like my mind is clear and calm” | “I feel empowered” | “I feel lighter” | “It was very freeing”…  Here are just a few examples of what my clients say about their experience clearing clutter with my support and guidance.


What are you waiting for to clear your clutter and experience these benefits too?  Contact me at and learn how to let go of things that are just stressing you out and feel in control of your home and life again!  You deserve it!


Get organised and make room for life!



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