Meal planning is one of these things that many women aspire to but don’t make happen.  If that’s your case, instead of focusing on the task, try to focus on the benefits as it’ll surely encourage you to get started.  And, as you’ll find out below, there are plenty of benefits!

Meal Planning Will Save You Time

Obviously, you’ll need to spend time planning your meals and taking stock of your fridge and pantry to write your grocery list.

But on the flip side, it will allow you to limit the number of trips to the supermarket and reduce your shopping time.

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It will also allow you to put a meal on the table in less time because you won’t have to decide at the last minute what to cook and will have the ingredients on hand.

You could also delegate tasks such as writing the grocery list, shopping and cooking to your spouse or children.  Or even ask your family members to contribute some ideas for your meal plans.

Meal Planning Will Save You Money

As purchases will be done based on your grocery list, you’ll be able to limit spur of the moment purchases of random food.  As a result, you’ll limit food wastage.


And as you’ll know what you’re going to be cooking and will have the ingredients on hand, you’ll be less likely to buy take-away food or eat out, which can easily drain your wallet.

Meal Planning Supports Healthy Eating

As many dietitians and nutritionists will tell you, sticking to a healthy diet all starts with planning healthy and varied meals and having the right ingredients on hand.


 Otherwise you end up cooking whatever is left in your fridge and cupboards.  Or eating out which for sure will result in eating bigger portions of food loaded with higher fat and sugar.

You’ll also be more likely to resist temptations while shopping and avoid impulse purchases of junk food.

Meal Planning Decreases Stress

Meal planning removes a lot of stress around meal times, especially if you have young children to be fed at regular times, and who are tired and cranky when it’s time for you to get dinner preparations started.  It’s already challenging to have to execute a task under these circumstances, but even more so when you’re trying to decide what to cook.

It allows you to manage your time better by planning simpler and faster meals on those days when your schedule, or your family’s schedule, leaves you with little time.

It also allows you to limit those last-minute trips to a crowded supermarket that is for sure to test your patience.

And if you’ve involved your family members in your meal planning, you’ll get less complaints about the food that you’re putting on the table.


Meal planning is a key pillar in our home.  Being able to put a home-cooked meal on the table on time without worrying whether we’re missing any ingredients and ensuring that we’re having a balanced diet removes a huge amount of stress from my life.

Over the years, I’ve developed an approach to make meal planning easy.  Check it out here.

You’ll really have no more excuses now not to get started!

Get organised and make room for life!



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