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Keen to restore order and serenity in your home and life but not sure where to start or how to do it? Feeling a little shy to open your home to a professional organiser but in dire need of learning the art of decluttering and some organisational skills?

These group courses are for you!

Learn Organisational Skills | Group Classes By Get Organised & Beyond Singapore

Is your wardrobe bursting with clothes yet you feel you have nothing to wear? Do you waste time getting dressed and often run late? Or do you end up wearing the same clothes over and over again because you can’t find what you want in your closet? 

Learn how to confidently declutter your wardrobe without regretting any decisions, store your clothes, shoes, handbags, jewellery and other accessories so you can effortlessly put an outfit together, easily maintain your wardrobe organised, build a wardrobe that fits you and your lifestyle and stop wasting money on clothes you won’t wearRead more

Nathalie’s course provides you with inspiration, motivation, and the skills to achieve a very satisfying end result – a perfectly organised wardrobe!

Today’s busy lifestyles tend to place more demands on us than we can possibly meet.  Although we’re very privileged in Singapore to have domestic helpers to execute a lot of household chores on our behalf, we need to provide those helpers with clear directions so they can be as independent and effective as possible.

Planning always goes a long way, so if you don’t have the time or the skills to develop clear plans for your helper, this workshop might be the solution for you, and for her

Excellent workshop, extremely helpful to help me plan my chores

Get Organised And Beyond Singapore | Kitchen Organisation Makeover Course

Has cooking at home become an unpleasant and stressful chore because you waste time deciding what to put on the table, finding a recipe, or retrieving your kitchen utensils and equipment?  Are you often short of ingredients while cooking or on the contrary do you have to throw out food that has expired? 

In this 2-part webinar series, you’ll learn how to create and maintain a functional kitchen, organise your recipes, and easily come up with meal plans so you save time and money and achieve healthy eating habits and peace of mind. 

For more details, click here

Nathalie gives very useful tips and practices to conquer kitchen chaos. What I liked was the focus on mindset and habits and not just commercial products. Nathalie is down to earth and able to come up with solutions to a wide variety of issues.  Supriya

Learn Organisational Skills | Group Classes By Get Organised & Beyond Singapore

Do you have stacks of documents that seem to re-appear within hours or days of your past attempts to straighten up? Do you or your family find it difficult to locate a document when you most need it? Do you waste time, get frustrated, and sometimes overlook bills and other important documents, resulting in late fees or other costly penalties?

If you’re feeling intimidated by the idea of tackling your paper clutter on your own, this course is for you! Learn more

I applied your advice right away and the 45 documents that were lying on my desk are now nicely organised in 10 folders. I feel so much better!  Christina

Learn Organisational Skills | Group Classes By Get Organised & Beyond Singapore

Are you always in a rush in the morning on school days trying to make sure everyone gets ready on time? Does your child’s schoolwork, physical education kit or music instrument often get forgotten at home? Do you part with your family members with feelings of anger, stress, frustration or resentment that sadly set the mood for the rest of the day?

Learn how to bring smooth mornings and a more harmonious atmosphere back into your home and life!  Read more

There has been a big improvement in our mornings since the workshop, and definitely something positive that has been ingrained in our son’s mind.  Naoko

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Customised events, whether onsite or online, can be arranged if you are able to put together a group of colleagues or friends. 

The workshop helped me unlock the potential of decluttering at home and at work.  I was introduced to practical steps (removing items), information (importance of storage capabilities), content (avenues to declutter the home environment) which was relevant and insightful.  I attended the workshop to gain insights from a professional organizer and I received not only figures but necessary knowledge. 

Calvin, participant of Clutter to Structure: Home Organisation Workshop


Your workshop gave me the nudge to take action – I loved your advice to stop reading and start doing.  I especially appreciated the experiential aspect of the workshop such as the practical exercises of the two volunteers “sorting” through the piles of clothes as well as the demonstration of the folding vs piling on the shelves – I found those very illustrative and memorable. 

Cindy, participant of Clutter to Structure: Home Organisation Workshop


I am working at the front desk of a hotel and I realized that a messy and unorganized desk will cause more stress, and what’s more, create an image to the guest standing in front of me that the hotel has poor housekeeping standards.  After applying the organizational steps and skills provided at the workshop, I can truly say I am a much more efficient and happy worker.

The content of the workshop was just right, informative yet easy to digest.  The speaker was eloquent in the way she delivered her presentation, and she felt sincere and professional in the knowledge she had about her topics. 

Shamusparticipant of Clutter to Structure: Home Organisation Workshop