I often get asked by my clients what they can do with the stuff that they don’t want to keep after they’ve decluttered.  In fact, I believe that having clarity on your disposal options before you even start the physical decluttering can help you let go of stuff you might not have intended to part with.  So if you’ve de-cluttered or are about to, you might be interested in the list of disposal options I have compiled for you.


Obviously if the item is damaged or missing critical parts and can’t be fixed, it deserves the bin.

If you have a lot of items or bulky items to get rid of such as home appliances and furniture, you may want to turn to rubbish removal and disposal companies such as Junk to clear.

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A client of mine used them recently and was very pleased with the service provided.  Read her testimonial here.

Alternatively check this website for a list of companies that handle the removal and disposal of used furniture.  Some companies are willing to waive service charges if the used furniture is still in good condition.

Are you caring about our planet?  Unfortunately, there are not, to my knowledge, many places in Singapore that collect recyclable items so that they don’t finish in the landfields.  So let’s applaud the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation recycling programme.  Click here for the list of recyclable items they collect and here for their recycling points.



If your item is damaged but can be fixed, by all means you should fix it or alter it, or get someone to do it for you, if you think it’s worth your time and/or money.


Items that are in good condition can be given away to family or friends.  However, ask them first whether they would be interested in the item instead of imposing the item onto them.  It’s a good thing to give away things you no longer need or love but you don’t want it to become clutter into someone else’s home!


It does make a lot of us feel good when we give a second life to our stuff, especially if it’s to people who can’t necessarily afford the expense.  If you want to donate stuff to charities, make sure that the item is in good condition as charities don’t necessarily have the resources to fix things.

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The list below is not exhaustive but should be a good starting point:

Dignity Mama Stall for children and adult books and magazines.

MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) for clothes, bags, books, small furniture, household items, toys etc.

Pass it on. Online donation portal for home appliances and furniture etc.

Salvation Army for clothing, furniture, household goods, electronic devices, toys, books etc.  Collection of bulky items can be arranged through phone, email or online booking.

Singapore Freecycle.  Online portal connecting people who are giving items to others who are seeking the same goods.

Touch Community Services for clothes, bags, ladies’ accessories, books, electrical appliances, CDs, toys, household items, computers & peripherals.


If the item doesn’t belong to you, it’s a good time to return it to its owner.  If it’s a recent purchase that you haven’t used yet and you still have the receipt, return it to the shop where you bought it.


If you have sentimental items that you struggle to part with, you may want to consider turning them into something you can use or display.  For example, the special dress that you inherited from your mother but that you are never going to wear can be turned into a pillow cover that you’ll put on your bed or sofa.


You may want to make some money out of the stuff you’ve cleared.  Bear in mind that selling can take time so make sure that the item you want to sell is worth the time you’ll spend selling it.  There are several options for you to consider:

You can organise a garage sale or head to Cash Converters to sell your small domestic appliances, CDs/DVDs, computers, jewellery etc.  However please note that Cash Converters don’t take clothing, books, bulky furniture and large domestic appliances.  Detailed list of the items they buy and don’t buy can be found here.

I am sure you are familiar with online selling platforms like eBay and Craiglist, but have you heard of Carousell?

Get Organised and Beyond Singapore Disposal Options Carousell

This relatively new mobile marketplace app has a very streamlined process to sell your stuff.  Just take a picture of the item, list it and chat with potential buyers in an integrated, private and safe platform.  It can’t be easier than that!

For more valuable items, check:

Borobudur Fine Art Auction for Asian Contemporary & Modern Art, Fine Jewellery & Ceramics.

Covetella for cocktail dresses and evening gowns. 

Expat Auctions for quality home furniture and decorative items such as lamps, statues and Asian artefacts

Madam Milan for European pre-owned designer bags

Reebonz for pre-owned luxury items.

Style Tribute for designer clothes, shoes and accessories, except lingerie and swimsuits.

When the purge is over, get the items out of your home as soon as possible.  You don’t want to start a pile of clutter elsewhere and have to go through it again at some stage.  Or have your family questioning your decisions and potentially convincing you to put some of the stuff back into your closets.  Trust me, I’ve seen it and it was ugly!  So whatever you’ve decided to do with your stuff, give yourself a deadline and if you haven’t completed what you were supposed to by this deadline, it’ll be time to donate it to charity or bin it.

I hope you’ll find this list helpful.  Any other avenues that you would recommend?  Feel free to add onto this list by adding a comment in the section below or sending me a message

Get organised and make room for life!



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