Workshop: Wardrobe Bliss – From Overwhelmed To Empowered

Is your wardrobe an overflowing mess that leaves you overwhelmed?  Yet do you keep buying new clothes because you feel you have nothing to wear?

Do you waste time putting an outfit together and often run late for work or for a date with your other half or friends to their great annoyance?  Or do you end up wearing the same clothes over and over again because you can’t find what you want?

Do you struggle to let go of your clothes because you think they might fit you one day or you don’t know what to do with the ones you won’t be keeping?


If you’ve answered yes to at least one of these questions, then it’s time to reclaim your wardrobe!

In my Wardrobe Bliss workshop, you’ll learn how to confidently declutter your wardrobe without regretting any decisions, create an organised wardrobe full of clothes you’ll wear and will make you feel empowered and maintain your wardrobe organised in the long run without much effort. 

This is what we’ll cover:

# Tips and tricks to make decluttering as smooth and stress-free as possible

# A comprehensive series of questions, beyond Marie Kondo’s spark joy criteria, to help you decide what to keep

# How to gently challenge yourself when you come up with excuses for holding onto your clothes

# Your options in Singapore to get rid of those clothes you don’t want to keep

# How to best store your clothes, lingerie, scarves, belts, shoes, handbags, jewellery etc. based on your needs, preferences, habits and wardrobe configuration

# Which systems and habits to embrace to easily maintain your wardrobe clutter-free and organised in the long run


From overwhelmed to empowered! 

You’ll leave this workshop inspired, motivated and equipped the tools and skills you need to turn your messy wardrobe into a well-organised and stylish space that doesn’t take much effort to maintain organised.

You’ll be able to hit the ground running in the morning, feeling confident in the outfit you wear.

You’ll be more inclined to shop your wardrobe instead of hitting the shops!


This workshop is either run as a one 3-hour session, two 2-hour sessions or even three 90-minute sessions.

Want to feel empowered by your wardrobe?

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I am so motivated to put in place all the wonderful tips and ideas that I have taken away from the seminar today! Thank you Nathalie and here’s to my new organised streamlined wardrobe.

Nikki Settle


Nathalie is very knowledgeable, her presentation is clear, structured and efficient.  She has a lot of examples and resources to share to make the process clearer. 

Valerie Marin