How To Tame Your Paper Clutter At Home

Bills.  Receipts.  Bank account statements.  School permission slips.  Kids’ artwork.  Medical reports.  Insurance policies.  Name cards.  Flyers.  Magazines.  Etc.  Let’s face it, we’re inundated with paper at home.

No wonder you’re intimidated and paralyzed at the idea of getting your paper into control.  Or maybe you’ve tried in the past only to have stacks of documents re-appearing within hours or days of your past attempts to straighten up.

But then, you struggle to locate a document when you most need it.  You waste time, get frustrated and sometimes overlook bills and other important documents, resulting in late fees or other costly penalties.

Trust me, you’re not alone! Paper is undeniably the most common organising challenge in our households. 


Imagine knowing which paper to keep, where and how to keep it, how long to keep it for and how to find it when you need it.

That’s exactly what I’ll teach you in this 3-hour workshop!

From financial, household and family records through to-do’s, reading materials and recipes, to children’s schoolwork and artwork, photographs and other memorabilia, I’ll share with you simple yet effective tools and strategies to purge, file and action your paperwork.

This is what we’ll cover:

  • Main factors contributing to paper clutter because being aware of them means you can take relevant action
  • How to deal with the incoming flow of paper using my tried and tested paper retention process flow
  • How to establish a robust filing system so you can easily find any document you need whenever you need it
  • How to create a to-do’s list that gets done so you can stay on top of your paperwork
  • How to ruthlessly yet confidently purge your files tapping on 7 simple questions to decide what to keep and my documents retention schedule
  • Turning technology to your advantage to reduce the amount of paper.


Finally! You’ll be equipped to deal with any type of paper at home! 

You’ll feel more confident in deciding which paper to keep and which one to safely let go of.

You’ll be able to instantly find any documents you need, pay your bills on time and save yourself time and money in the process.

But most of all, you’ll have peace of mind for being on top of your paperwork.  You’ll feel prepared in the event of an accident or emergency.  You’ll no longer have arguments with your spouse about the paper clutter.  And you’ll feel proud for showing the right example to your children. 

Want to tame your paper clutter at home?

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Thank you for your “Tame your paper clutter” workshop! I am a tidy and pretty well organised person, but your workshop helped me reconsider my filing and how to maximise my time. I’ve already applied your advices and the 45 documents that were lying on my desk are now nicely organised in 10 folders: to do, to file, to scan, pending… It makes me feel so much better! And it gave me the motivation to scan the piles of paper that had accumulated for the last 3 weeks. It’s a huge success! Now I just need to learn how to declutter my digital world!



How to tame your paper workshop is a practical and solution-focused workshop with a lot of very good tips that you can put in practise right away. It proved extremely useful to me and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with piles of paper at home.

Pamposh Dhar