How To Tame Your Paper Clutter At Home

One of my signature courses, now conducted online as a 4-part series over the course of one month for a less intimidating yet more immersive learning experience to help you achieve your paper organisation goals



Bills.  Receipts.  Bank account statements.  Insurance policies.  Medical reports.  Warranties.  Appliance manuals.  Name cards.  Greeting cards.  Photographs.  Kids’ schoolwork and artwork.  Magazines.  Recipes.  Etc. 

Let’s face it, we’re inundated with paper at home!

Your files are bursting to the brim.  Yet you feel compelled to make several copies of the same document “just in case” because you don’t trust yourself to find it when you’ll need it.

You keep documents “organised” in piles on your desk because you’re worried that if you keep them out of sight you’ll never get to do whatever it is you have to do with them.  But soon enough, you randomly add another piece of paper on top of your piles, compromising your system.

You’re intimidated at the idea of tackling your paper clutter, especially if it’s the result of months of accumulation.  You don’t know where to start and are worried about letting go of important documents and ending up regretting your decisions.

Or maybe you’ve tried to organise your paperwork in the past only to have stacks of documents re-appearing within days of your past attempts to straighten up.

But then, you struggle to locate a document when you most need it.  You waste time, get frustrated, and sometimes overlook bills and other important documents, resulting in late fees or other costly penalties.


Ah if only…

… You knew which paper to keep and how to easily find it when you need it!  You could process your paper and accomplish tasks swiftly and efficiently so you can spend more time on things you enjoy doing!

… You could pay your bills on time.  Bank in your cheques on time.  Claim your medical bills on time.  Redeem your vouchers on time…  And save money in the process!

… You could get some peace of mind by removing all the visual reminders of all that needs to be done, no longer dreading tax filing or arguing with your spouse about the paper clutter!


I hear you!  I’ve worked with many families over the years to help them declutter and organise their home, and I’ve witnessed first-hand how the paper clutter was weighing most of them down, yet they couldn’t find the courage to tackle it on their own.

Well, if it can reassure you, paper is not the easiest area to tackle and stay in control of.  Whether we want it or not, paper has its own way to sneak into our homes, one piece at a time.  Even if you have an extensive wardrobe, I bet the number of papers in your home is at least 50 to 100 times more than the number of pieces of clothing in your wardrobe, right?

And if it was only the “regular” papers – the financial, household, and family records.  No, it’s also the name cards, the reading materials, the warranties, the appliance manuals, the recipes, the children’s schoolwork and artwork, the photographs, and other memorabilia that add to the complexity.

Where the Marie Kondo “spark joy” criteria might be enough to help you tidy other areas of your home, taming your paper clutter will require robust SYSTEMS supported by strong HABITS.


In my 4-part online course HOW TO TAME YOUR PAPER CLUTTER AT HOME, you’ll learn simple yet effective tools and strategies to purge and file your paperwork and accomplish your tasks.

You’ll feel equipped to deal with any type of paper at home.

You’ll feel more confident in deciding which paper to keep and which one to safely let go of.

You’ll be able to instantly find any document you need, deal with your to-do’s in a timely manner, and save yourself time and money in the process.

But most of all, you’ll get peace of mind for being on top of your paperwork.  You’ll feel prepared in the event of an accident or emergency. 


Here’s what we’ll cover during this course to help you tame your paper clutter at home:


Unless you have a conducive place to tackle your paperwork, you’re unlikely to want to sit down and get down to it, right?

In this session, I’ll walk you through the process of establishing your home office, whether you have a proper room for it or not, and share useful organising aids so you can have a well-equipped place to efficiently deal with your paperwork and stop procrastinating.

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How To Set Up An Efficient Filing System At Home | Webinar Series By Get Organised & Beyond Singapore


Forget about dealing first with your paper backlog!  The 2 crucial elements to staying on top of your paperwork are (1) having a proper system to deal with any paper that is going to enter your life from now on and (2) blocking the time in your schedule to deal with it.

In this session, I’ll share my tried and tested paper retention process flow, you’ll learn how to create a to-do list that gets done and how to carve out time in your schedule for paper organisation.  At this stage, we’ll focus on the most common types of paper i.e., the financial, household, and family records.

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How To Set Up An Efficient Filing System At Home | Webinar Series By Get Organised & Beyond Singapore


Now that you’ve got a proper system and carved out the time to deal with new incoming paper, it’s time to deal with your backlog as you probably have an existing filing system that needs to be refreshed.

In this session, you’ll learn how to confidently purge your existing files and build a robust filing system where you, or anyone else who needs to access those files, can find anything you want in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

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How To Set Up An Efficient Filing System At Home | Webinar Series By Get Organised & Beyond Singapore


In session 2, we focused on the financial, household, and family records.  But there’s much more to paper clutter, right?

In this session, I’ll give you some pointers on how to deal with the other types of paper you may be dealing with, including name cards, warranties and user manuals, greeting cards and photographs, kids’ schoolwork and artwork, recipes and cookbooks, and reading materials.  We’ll also discuss how to prevent your filing system from growing again and how to turn technology to your advantage to reduce the amount of paper.

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How To Set Up An Efficient Filing System At Home | Webinar Series By Get Organised & Beyond Singapore

The price for this 4-part online course is S$210.

It includes:

  • 4 90-minute live group sessions

  • 6-month private access to the sessions’ recordings

  • Course materials

  • Templates and checklists

  • My publications on the topic of paper organisation

  • A discount on Style Degree home organising products.


Here’s the schedule for 2022 intake:

Session 1: Setting Up Your Home Office | Thursday 3rd March from 6-7:30pm Singapore time

Session 2: Dealing With Incoming Paper | Thursday 10th March from 6-7:30pm Singapore time

Session 3: Revamping Your Filing System | Thursday 17th March from 6-7:30pm Singapore time

Session 4: Staying In Control Of Your Paper | Thursday 24th March from 6-7:30pm Singapore time


Expect homework!

I understand you might not be overly excited to get your paper in order, but if the paper clutter in your home is taking a toll on you, then it’s time to stop procrastinating about it.

I’ll show you the way to tackle your paper clutter step by step, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.  And you’ll benefit from the energy of a group to keep you motivated and accountable.

But you’ll need to put time aside in between our weekly sessions so you can implement and put in practice what you’ll have learned during our sessions.

Want to tame your paper clutter at home, once and for all?


Nathalie’s webinar on How to Set Up an Efficient Home Office was enjoyable and provided motivation that I badly needed to get my portable home office reorganised. The group size allowed for us to share our specific situations and this was great as Nathalie addressed our needs quite individually.  In addition, her vast experience over the years enables her to give us comprehensive input on what works and what doesn’t.  I particularly enjoyed seeing how streamlined her own home office and paper storage is! Having that vision in my mind helps me to stay hopeful and apply what she imparted to us during the session.  Thank you, Nathalie, for the much-needed boost!



Thank you for your “Tame your paper clutter” workshop! I am a tidy and pretty well organised person, but your workshop helped me reconsider my filing and how to maximise my time. I’ve already applied your advices and the 45 documents that were lying on my desk are now nicely organised in 10 folders: to do, to file, to scan, pending… It makes me feel so much better! And it gave me the motivation to scan the piles of paper that had accumulated for the last 3 weeks. It’s a huge success! Now I just need to learn how to declutter my digital world!



How to tame your paper workshop is a practical and solution-focused workshop with a lot of very good tips that you can put in practise right away. It proved extremely useful to me and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with piles of paper at home.

Pamposh Dhar

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