Have you ever asked yourself if your clutter and/or lack of organisation are taking a toll on your life and whether you should be doing something about it?  Well, here are 15 common signs that disorganised people typically show, and which you should certainly start paying attention to.


  1. You’re too embarrassed to invite people over for dinner or a playdate because of the clutter in your home.


  1. You bought a 5th corkscrew, a 10th stapler, or a 12th box of plasters despite having multiples of them lurking around somewhere in your home.


  1. Your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes, yet you feel you have nothing to wear and waste time getting dressed.


  1. You can’t get any work done at your desk, either because there’s no space left among piles of papers or because you get too distracted by the clutter around you.


  1. You overlook bills and other important documents because you can’t find them when you need them and end up incurring late fees or other costly penalties.


  1. You’re always in a rush, still looking for your keys, wallet, or phone when you should really be out of the door.


  1. You tend to forget your meetings or appointments and leave at home things you need for the day ahead.


  1. You often complain about the lack of storage in your home and wish to move to a bigger home.


  1. You pay monthly storage fees for stuff you haven’t looked at in years. In fact, you can’t even remember what it is you’re keeping there.


  1. You’d rather go out instead of relaxing at home because just looking at the clutter sucks the energy out of you.


  1. You’ve developed bad eating habits, eating out or bringing home takeaway food more often than you’d like, because the idea of cooking even a simple meal is overwhelming, either because of the kitchen clutter or because you haven’t stocked up your fridge or pantry.


  1. You can’t have your meals at your dining table, because it’s covered with mail, newspapers, kids’ homework, craft projects, and the like. You’re missing on these opportunities to talk and catch up with your family about their respective days.


  1. You feel you have no time to do what you ought to do, even less so for the things you enjoy doing.


  1. You worry you’re not setting the right example for your children or not giving a professional image to your boss, colleagues, and clients.


  1. You often argue with your spouse over clutter and lateness.


If some of those signs are well too familiar to you, then it’s time to declutter and put healthy habits and systems in place so you can get back in control of your home and life.


I won’t lie, getting organised is an investment, not only in time, potentially in money if you use a professional like myself to help you through the process but also in discomfort.  You’re going to have to face your stuff and make decisions that you may have been postponing for years.


But by doing so, you’ll let go of the past and maybe of some of the hopes for your future, and as a result surround yourself with stuff that supports your current life.  Ultimately it’s going to bring clarity into your life and help you move forward.


Contact me now if you don’t know how to start or how to do it, or if you struggle to let go.  We’ll discuss the best option to help you achieve your organising goals.


This blog post was first published on Connected Women



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