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After several failed attempts to declutter and organise my home on my own, I was very determined to follow the advice of a professional. Working with you was faster and more efficient and it helped to have objective fresh eyes looking at my things. I particularly liked how you got to the point quickly, how you were kind and non-judgemental about my mess and how you worked tirelessly. You helped me find solutions that work for me, not forcing your ideas down.

Maybe some people are born organised, but for the ones like me who are not, I realised it can be learned and it’s never too late to learn. I also realised that with the right systems and habits I can keep my home organised and tidy. Since our session, I have been able to maintain my organised wardrobe well. I have also organised some other "hot spots" in my house. I still have 5-6 more hotspots to clear, but I am getting there slowly.

Thank you for your help, Nathalie!


Dear Nathalie, I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ for the timely assistance you have given me to declutter and organise my teaching materials and stationery. It is definitely a big load off my shoulders to finally move away from years of confusion and helplessness to a place where I can see myself making headway. The peace of mind and clarity is incredible and it gives me great joy that I am finally in a much, much better place than when I first started. I know I have a lot more to go but it will be okay as the system is already in place. 

Carol S.
Primary School Tutor

I cannot recommend Nathalie enough. I left Singapore in June and I engaged her a few months earlier. I was under immense pressure, as my husband was very ill at the same time, as we had to leave Singapore and Asia after 23 years. Nathalie made the moving process so much easier and honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without her. Having regular meetings and sessions with her forced me to clear out and sort almost everything before we left. My only regret is that I did not engage her before. 

Malene Bloch Lundgaard

Nathalie helped me unpack and organize my home when moving into Singapore. She’s professional, pleasant, and proactive in organizing spaces. As a result of her work, I received additional free time, reduced stress, and my living experience moving forward has been easier considering the organized home.

John Driscoll

Nathalie helped me identify areas where I was underutilizing storage spaces and where I could more logically arrange my belongings. Through her advice, I've been able to organize my home in a manner that gives me more time to myself and less time trapped in cleaning up. Furthermore, with her tips, I'm saving money from not making impulse purchases! Nathalie also answered my questions promptly. Anyone looking for a more organized home would do well to seek Nathalie's professional advice.

Patricia Lee

I hired Nathalie, based on my interior designer’s recommendations, to help me with my move as I was really concerned about the decluttering.

Nathalie helped me declutter and organise my clothes, kitchen items, paper, stationery etc.  I learned a lot in the process, in particular how to decide what to keep and what to discard, how to make use of shoe boxes or phone boxes to organise stuff, how to fold and how to hang clothes to make full use of the space.

In all these important areas of my life, she helped me find ways to keep my things organised in different mental buckets, buckets that fit my lifestyle and my mental processes.  I feel proud of my house when I walk around knowing exactly where things can be found.  I’m grateful to her for this.

I highly recommend Nathalie’s services.  I believe many people would benefit from learning those valuable organising skills from Nathalie, skills that they can pass on to future generations and that can make the world a more peaceful place.


Nathalie is my organising and decluttering coach. If you see her in person, you will immediately get that sense that, oh my, she is born to do this work. Her eyes lit up from the depth of her soul while doing her work. She is well organised - from her thoughts and schedule down to her workbag.

As a coach, she not only provides the skills which is the “doing part” but she also supports the client to shift the inner process and build up the confidence which is essential.

Her genuine desire is to help people to organise things, to let go of the unnecessary stuff and stress from the items and to restore order and serenity into their homes and lives.

I hope many people will be as lucky as me to find her as their organising coach.

Co-Active Life Coach

Nathalie helped me when I was at my wit's end trying to declutter, pack and move 3 generations' stuff from an old terrace house to a 3-room HDB flat in 2018!  I had always been interested in organising and even possessed several books on organising. But when it came to that Big Move in 2018, I knew I needed her professional help. It was both emotionally and physically tiring.  Nathalie gave me sound principles to follow while I decluttered. She also gave me links to where I could donate my good stuff.

In March 2020, I contacted Nathalie again. This time I needed help to organise my home filing system. I also urgently needed a proper place to work at home. So she helped me look into space management in my master bedroom and living room.  Nathalie gave me clarity. She showed me how to separate work and personal files. I quickly went to shop for and found the perfect small desk. Thankfully everything was in place just before the lockdown!  I now have a system to follow. It is so much easier and I feel more in control of things. That leads to me being less stressed too!

I definitely will recommend Nathalie. She is very professional, gentle and yet firm. She followed up with me to ensure that I was still getting along fine with the systems she recommended. 

Olive Tan
Online English Language Coach

Last year Nathalie and I had an online coaching session that helped me to finally get control of my paper clutter.  The results of our discussion meant that I felt better about myself and less overwhelmed by the tasks I had to do.  This allowed me to tackle the problem with a new perspective and enthusiasm.

During our call we discussed what systems would work best for me. I was able to put those actions into place immediately after the discussion. I put into practice the workable tips and techniques she recommended and I am still using them eight months later. 

Nathalie's kind and empathetic demeanor meant that I felt more comfortable discussing my challenges with her.  She listened to me and was able to help me find what worked for me and what did not. I would definitely recommend that anyone would benefit from working with Nathalie, she can help you whether you are at the start of your journey or if you’ve just got stuck and bit overwhelmed. 

Julie Kenny

Nathalie is a goldmine. She came up with a number of ideas when she visited our home. She then spent time understanding our mindsets and then spent time coaching us. Nathalie is a fabulous coach and really understands how to help people declutter both their homes and their lives.

Under Nathalie’s guidance we managed to simplify our lives. We’ve moved from landed 2,500 sqft houses and condos to eventually being able to fit our lives into our own tiny sub 1,000 sqft HDB flat and yet having tons of space! I highly recommend Nathalie to anyone who would like to simplify and declutter their lives, homes … and I daresay … souls!! 

Manoj Namboodiri
SVP Zimplistic

Nathalie helped me organise my study area and develop an action plan to allow me to continue the decluttering and organisation of my home on my own while giving me plenty of suggestions and tips.

Nathalie is respectful, supportive, friendly and non-judgmental, a very welcome guest in the home. She’s good at throwing the mental process back to the client to ensure that it's the client who is questioning the item and focusing on the goal. She doesn’t dictate how it should be done but works with the personality of the client. She’s firm but also practical. She’s fully engaged and mindful of adding value throughout the process.

I've benefited in so many ways from my session with Nathalie. On the whole, my home feels more spacious. My mind is freer because many items that I pondered over have gone. I’m able to find things quickly, and I’ve been able to throw together a dinner in a short amount of time. 

I know the price might be an issue for some, or it could be spent on a short holiday, but coming back to a spacious, clear, organized home every single day makes it money well spent. 

Court Reporter

I feel privileged to have worked with Nathalie on my wardrobe decluttering project. As I’m being based in Switzerland, our exchanges were done online through Skype. The whole process went very smoothly and I’m absolutely delighted by the result I’ve achieved as it completely meets my goals.

Nathalie is patient, understanding and full of helpful advice. She has great listening skills and was a huge source of motivation. She has been a catalyst for other changes in my life as our work together led me to redecorate my entire flat. I particularly enjoyed her down to earth approach, completely customised to my needs and adapted to my lifestyle. Purging can sometimes be difficult, painful even. Nathalie was able to find the right words to encourage me with a lot of respect and kindness.

I’d highly recommend to anybody looking to improve their daily life even if they are not based in Singapore to contact Nathalie and start this process. The result will be a real breath of fresh air!

Cindy Humbert, Switzerland

I loved working with Nathalie, her advice was valuable and practical. I appreciated her professionalism as well as her hands on and thoughtful approach to organizing. I feel more settled in my new home in Singapore thanks to Nathalie. 


I first met Nathalie in Singapore, before 'Get Organised and Beyond' was fully up and running. It was only after I'd moved back to the UK when we were having a friendly exchange of messages that I mentioned the chaos in my wardrobe and Nathalie offered to help out with an online coaching session. This suited me perfectly as I could send photos of my clothes storage without revealing damning evidence of dis-organisation in other areas! Plus I could implement the plan we made in small blocks of time that I had available on my own schedule. Nathalie followed up to gently nudge me along and while the changes were small in some ways, it's surprising what a difference they make.

Nathalie is very approachable, non-judgemental and must have good ideas because I am still using the suggestions she made over a year ago.  If you're thinking that you could do with some help it's well worth speaking to her - it's so much easier to make the changes happen when someone is offering advice that comes without emotional attachment, but definitely with friendly support. 

Erica Tiller, UK

The experience was spot on for me. Your approach was gently persuasive and manageable and led to great results. I think part of this was because you did not force decisions about what to keep or get rid of.

You also made sure the decisions were my own, with impartiality from you. There was never any pressure to abandon items, instead you guided the process carefully and cleverly with your questions and conversations.

You were very easy to talk to and instantly put me at ease. 

School Principal

When I started exploring the idea of engaging a professional organiser, I was looking for someone who would come in and organise my home on my behalf. Although Nathalie doesn’t work like this - she guides you along the process but she expects you to be hands-on to make it happen, I nevertheless decided to engage her services as she appeared to have the best experience and be the most professional.

Everything felt right from the start – from our first interaction on the phone up to the time we met and worked together, and in fact even afterwards.

Nathalie was prompt and efficient in answering my queries. She is warm and we were quickly able to relate well to each other. She is open, she listened to me and gave me room to be myself and adapt her systems to my needs. She was honest in telling me her opinions while respecting mine. Her assessment of what was preventing me from getting organised was spot on, and it made all the difference for me to be more resolute and move forward with the big picture in mind.

Her help extended beyond our work together. After the session, Nathalie sent me useful tips summarising the decluttering and organising process we’ve been through so that I could continue on my own and a comprehensive list of disposal options for me to donate, sell and recycle the items I didn’t want to keep. She has been following up with me a few times to check how I was doing which has given me the motivation to carry on with the organisation of my home.

I have been adopting Nathalie’s system in different parts of my home, and I have shared the knowledge with my husband, who has also benefited and acted on it.

Nathalie went the extra mile to help me and I really appreciate that. You can sense she really wants to help her clients succeed and better their lives at home. I can't thank her enough for the change she has brought into our home and lives just through her three-hour kick-start session and I can’t wait to show her my soon-to-be beautiful and organised home.

Evelyn Xie
Recruitment Manager, Mother of two

It took me a while to decide to engage Nathalie’s services.  I was feeling overwhelmed at the idea of tackling 7 years’ worth of clutter and imagined it would take a long time and cost a lot.  But I was so tired, constantly running around, and so behind in all my admin work that I decided to give it a go.

What I found out was that with the right help, you can deal with your clutter quite fast.  My clutter was making me feel powerless, but thanks to Nathalie’s support, I was never left alone to deal with it.  During each session working with Nathalie, we could complete an entire area, or at least make a good start at it so I could continue on my own.

Nathalie's services may seem expensive at first but working with her has a lot of hidden perks, and the results are truly beyond my expectations.  Our home is now free of a lot of clutter and doesn’t take much time tidying.  Even though we had guests recently, it stayed tidy enough for all of us to enjoy spending time indoors.  Now that I’ve cleared up a lot of things, I know what we have and what we need so we save a lot more on unwanted things. 

Our children find their toys easily and enjoy what they have.  They even like to tidy up!  It has allowed me to teach them important life skills such as enjoying and caring for what you have, taking care of yourself, etc.  I wake up with more energy to tackle the day ahead, ready to hit the ground running at my tidy desk.  I've found pockets of time I didn't have before. I go to bed more relaxed knowing my home is neat.

Using Nathalie’s services ended up being a very good investment for the entire family.  It feels like a new beginning.  If you're planning to move, I'd recommend you hire Nathalie to help you.  I regretted not doing that.  We probably ended up wasting a lot of time and money on packing and moving clutter around.  I feel so many of us can benefit from Nathalie’s services. 

Sujatha Randy
Homemaker & Reiki practitioner

As someone who isn’t naturally organised (and actually quite dismissive of the need to be organised - I thought “organised chaos” was a good system), Nathalie taught me even free spirits can reap the benefits of professional organisation.

It’s not about forcing yourself to be something you’re not, but about learning ways to be more efficient in a way that works for you.

Professional organisation is an investment – you invest in the time (and maybe even discomfort) of figuring out what’s not working, so you can cleanse, declutter and put a system in place. But once that system’s in place? You’ll have more time and head space to focus on what matters. A bloody great return on investment, if you’re willing to take the plunge.

Thank you Nathalie for helping me get my paperwork and “data clutter” in order – I feel so much better knowing I created a home for the things that matter.

Amanda Blum
Writer, Storyteller, Humanist

I first found Nathalie online several weeks before the due date of my first child. I was starting to freak out about the clutter and lack of organization in my home, and needed help to get it under control. I had never worked with a personal organizer before and didn’t know what to expect, but decided to give it a shot.

Best decision I ever made! Nathalie is super patient, kind, friendly and goes beyond the call of duty to go hands-on with you into your mess. She is results-oriented and helps you work through the thought process of how to declutter, where to place items optimally based on usage, and how to set up a system for managing future inflow of items. She made sure things were put back in their place before the end of the session so you are left with instant results and the knowledge for replicating the process in other parts of your house.

Nathalie also provided options for disposal, which was invaluable as I really would have no idea what to do with the stuff otherwise. (I personally recommend Junk To Clear Singapore, they came same day, are very affordable, and you know your things are sorted for donation/recycle, and not just tossed.)

I can't tell you how much stress it removes from the pregnancy to have a neat and organized space, and be well on my way to welcoming baby. Now I can see what I have versus not, and feel like my mind is clear and calm ahead of this big change. I also feel empowered to manage the house going forward and keeping it uncluttered, and avoiding buying stuff I don't need.

If you’re thinking about working with Nathalie, I would highly recommend it, at least do the first phone call, you won’t regret it! Well worth the investment for such a positive change. 

Tiffany, Management Consultant

Moving every 2-3 years is stressful. When the container arrives, you need to take so many decisions, while you are still adapting and overwhelmed. When we moved from Europe to the US, a friend told me about professional organizers and how a friend just had a very smooth and successful move a month before. I didn’t hesitate and contacted her. It was an eye opening experience. She came 3 more times and helped me organize the move from the US to Africa.

When moving to Singapore and finding myself in a situation of having a house, which we mainly chose for its location, not so much its style or easy flow, I was looking for help, to organize this house as efficiently as possible. Having found Nathalie was the best that could happen to me – she is very patient and thoughtful and helped not only de-clutter and organize the house, but gave helpful tips on where to put furniture before they were being filled up.

She recommended not buying new boxes or tools to help organize, before having finished the move. I finally did not buy too many things, but reused tupperware and boxes to organize drawers and shelves. I thought I was a very rational person, but I don’t have the experience and knowledge Nathalie brings to create efficient homes to enjoy.

It was clearly one of our least stressful and smoothest moves in the last years!

Thank you Nathalie!

Liliane, Mother of three

Before I met Nathalie, the thought of decluttering my home made me break into a cold sweat.  I didn’t know where to start and was really quite nervous about allowing a stranger to witness the full extent of the mayhem.

But there was absolutely no need to be anxious.  Nathalie is a lovely person: calm, generous and absolutely non-judgmental.  She is incredibly empathetic, and whilst she will encourage you to make some tough decisions - ‘Do you really need that X gathering dust on your shelf, that hasn’t been opened since 2005?’ - she will also move at the client’s pace.  We took baby steps at first, as she recognized how hard it was for me to let some things go.  Now, we race through areas at breakneck speed.  She’s there with you always, elbow deep in clutter so you never have to face it alone.

And she loves what she does. I’ve never met anyone so enthusiastic about transforming a space into something that works for you.  Nathalie helped me put systems in place to deal with the never ending chaos generated by 3 children.  The outcome is a home that is still lived in but clutter-free and organized beautifully.  I feel lighter for letting go of things that simply took up space and months later I have no regrets.  I couldn’t recommend her services more.  If you're considering it, just do it.

Shola Asante
Writer, journalist and mother of 3

Nathalie was recommended to me by a friend who had the same 'clutter' issues that I do.  When we moved house two years ago, I felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of stuff our family had accumulated over the years and we were moving to a similar sized three story house.  A year from now we will be downsizing considerably and I was determined to start the organizing process now.  I think to date I have had about five three hour sessions.  From the start Nathalie and I sat and discussed what I hoped to achieve and she set manageable goals between sessions to keep me on track.  We have worked on a number of different areas in our home, from my wardrobe, to my desk to the bomb shelter which had become a complete dumping area.

It is fantastic how much can be achieved in a few hours and Nathalie always follows up with an e-mail reminder of what needs to be done between sessions.  She helps set clear goals,  puts systems into place and at the end of each session ensures that everything is tidied away so that you are not left with a mess.  What I have also learned from this is more about myself and how my family operates.  It's easy to say that one can do this alone, but I haven't in twenty years, though the mindset has been created, thanks to Nathalie.  I always have a great sense of accomplishment after every session and would unreservedly recommend Nathalie.

Mother of 3

Nathalie, working with you has been a lifesaver. I really felt buried by all of my paperwork and overwhelmed by all the stuff I have collected over the years. My goal was to try to avoid packing junk in shipping my household goods and you helped me tremendously. I just felt so comfortable working with you. You showed me what I needed to do and how to do it but I found your ability to empower me to make decisions about what to keep and what not to keep has really made a difference. It was difficult at first but now I feel I have the basics on what is required to de-clutter and it feels so good to clear up space. I know I still have a long way to go but at least now I feel I can do this and I thank you for empowering me to change.

In particular helping me clear out my desk and returning it to a usable workspace really touched me. That desk means so much to me because my mom gave it to me but it became an eyesore and unusable because it just became some place to store junk. When I first looked at it I just did not think clearing it was possible but you made the impossible possible in only a few hours. I think there are more people out there who can benefit from your services.

Katharine Bostick
Director Compliance & Litigation Asia Pacific & Japan

Nathalie helped de-clutter several areas which were really getting me down: my walk-in wardrobe was overflowing, the under-stairs storage crammed and inaccessible, the home office desk covered in paper, not to mention the kids’ toys ever expanding and out of control.

I found Nathalie’s approach very refreshing – constructive and not judgemental. We cleared an enormous quantity of unused stuff and I’m now the proud owner of a well-organised tidy house for the first time. It’s a great feeling!

Rachael Herring
Change Management Consultant

I worked with Nathalie for over a month in order to sort out my office before we repatriated after many years abroad. Nathalie works in a very focused way. Her strength is that she is paying attention to the detail but she thinks in a macro way which is very strategic.

She just asked questions like "do you need this amount of paper?" Or "what other ways might you use to access this kind of information?" It was truly a revelation to begin to think about things that I took for granted on my shelves or in my filing cabinet.

The questions helped me enormously to rethink my priorities, how little paper I needed around me, how I could streamline my training materials (boxes and boxes of them) and then I was able to discard stuff that I have been carting about for literally years. It was very freeing.

Sometimes she had to stand there and get into detail, but her real strength is in her analytical mind and her ability to discard excess of everything. So now she has trained me to ask "Do you need that paper?" "Where will you look for that?” “How will you access this if you want to do so later?" All wonderful questions.

Deirdre Hayes
Management Consultant, Psychotherapist and Trainer

We recently moved from Kuwait to Singapore, into a much smaller house. I was really uncertain how I would fit all of our furniture in a way that would work for us. I asked Nathalie to come and give me some advice.

Nathalie had some great ideas, things I would never have thought of on my own. Her ideas were practical and useful, and I really appreciated her help. They centred around keeping the layout simple and elegant, and as uncluttered as possible. Nathalie's manner is thoughtful and precise, and I really appreciate the help she gave me in this transition between homes.

Janet Swain
Teacher at the British Council
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