Tame Your Paper Clutter

Free yourself from the burden of your paper or digital clutter

A two-hour in-person session and two follow-up calls

Paper Management

Do you feel overwhelmed by stacks of documents that seem to re-appear within hours or days of your past attempts to straighten up?  Do you or your family find it difficult to locate a document when you need it?  Do you waste time, get frustrated and sometimes overlook bills and other important documents, resulting in late fees or other costly penalties? 

Well you’re not alone!  Paper is undeniably the biggest organising challenge in most households.

The thing is, processes are essential to manage the flow of paper and digital information and avoid having them stuck in a “holding pattern” on your desk or in your files.

So that’s what we’ll do: establish processes based on your needs and habits.

We’ll start with initial free 20-minute phone discussion where we’ll agree on the exact scope, either your paper OR your emails and digital files OR photos, and a time for me to come to your home for our two-hour session.

During our session, we’ll review the way you currently deal with your paperwork or digital information. We’ll design key processes to deal with the incoming flow of paper, emails or files, their filing and purging. We’ll also put together a set of guidelines you can use to make quick decisions on what to keep and for how long. We’ll review your schedule and discuss options for you to implement those processes.

Within 2 working days, I’ll send you a soft copy of the processes we’ll have designed and a plan for you to implement them.

We’ll have 2 phone calls of up to 30 minutes each within 3 weeks following our session to monitor your progress and adjust your processes if needed.

The price for this package is S$390. 


Paper Management

Imagine a life where you can instantly find any documents you need and pay your bills on time. A life free from the burden of your paper clutter and free from arguments with your spouse about it. How would that feel? Good, right?


Ready to free yourself from your paper clutter?

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Professional organisation is an investment – you invest in the time (and maybe even discomfort) of figuring out what’s not working, so you can cleanse, declutter and put a system in place. But once that system’s in place? You’ll have more time and head space to focus on what matters. A bloody great return on investment, if you’re willing to take the plunge. Thank you Nathalie for helping me get my paperwork and “data clutter” in order – I feel so much better knowing I created a home for the things that matter.

Amanda Blum, Writer, Storyteller, Humanist

Don't need the personal guidance and support?

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Get Organised And Beyond Singapore Public Workshops Paper

This is what we’ll cover during this 3-hour workshop: 

  • Main factors contributing to paper clutter
  • How to deal with the incoming flow of paper
  • How to establish a robust filing system
  • How to create a to-do’s list that gets done
  • How to ruthlessly yet confidently purge your files
  • Turning technology to your advantage to reduce the amount of paper

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