Do you have a tiny bathroom with limited counter and cabinet storage space?  Clutter everywhere that makes it difficult for you to get ready quickly in the morning or to enjoy some relaxing time?  Don’t fret!  You can have a beautiful and organised bathroom by making use of all the vertical space available in your bathroom.  And trust me, there’s more than you think!

The walls

If you’re a home-owner, you can install wall-mounted shelves where you can keep products that you use daily and weekly.  Add a towel rack underneath so as not to waste this space.

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If you have to store on those shelves products that you don’t use very often, put them in containers, ideally with a lid to protect them from the dust.

Don’t forget the space above the bathroom door to store even less frequently used items such extra toiletries or toilet paper rolls.  The space between the sink and the mirror can also accommodate a ledge for items you use on a daily basis.

If you’re a tenant and are not allowed to drill, make use of suction storage items to free your counter space such as the ones shown below:


Images credit: Howards Storage World

Another space that’s often underutilised is above the toilet.  The solution below doesn’t require drilling either and can be taken with you when you move out.

Image credit: Howards Storage World

The bathroom door

This place is ideal to hang towels.  Over the door hooks like the one shown below are very easy to install:

Image credit: Howards Storage World

A shoe pocket organiser can also be used behind a door to store various categories of small and light items such cotton buds, nail files, make-up, hair styling products etc.

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The cabinet’s doors

The inside of a cabinet’s doors can also be used to store small and light items such as nail polish or first aid items as shown below:

 Image credit: Howards Storage World

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The cabinet’s height

Quite often, bathroom cabinets under the sink are much higher than most of the products you have to store, which is a waste of space.

If you’re a homeowner, you may want to convert some of the cabinets into drawers.  It’ll make it easier to access the various items, especially if you dedicate each drawer to a category of items (medicine, make-up etc.).  Drawer organisers like shown below can be a nice addition to keep the drawer neatly organised.

Image credit: Howards Storage World

If you’re a tenant, you can get an extra-shelf installed.  Just make sure that it’s still possible to access the items at the back of the lowest shelf otherwise you’ll completely forget about them.

Alternatively you can buy plastic drawers that you can place in the cabinet or stackable containers.  If you opt for stackable containers, make sure to reserve this storage space for items that you don’t need very often otherwise it’ll be cumbersome to access these products and you’ll end up leaving them on the counter space.  I’ve seen this many times!

Let’s not forget the horizontal space!

You can optimise the counter space by storing the items you want to keep there vertically when possible.  Use pot holders for your toothpaste and toothbrushes, your comb and hair brush, your make-up brushes and mascara etc.  The rest should be stored by category in baskets or on trays.  Not only it looks nicer, but it’s also more hygienic and makes it easier to clean the counter space as you just have to move a few baskets and trays instead of many individual bottles and pots.

With all that’s said, you can add as much storage as you want, if you keep more than you need in your bathroom, it won’t look nice nor be efficient.  So purge!  I know it’s very tempting to buy all those products that promise us miracles, but if they haven’t delivered their promises and you don’t use them, get rid of them.  Ok they were expensive, but they’re costing you valuable space right now.  Check expiry dates regularly.  It’s not only medicines that have a shelf-life, but also make-up (see infographics below).  Remove the unnecessary packaging of the items you regularly use.  Let go of the hotel toiletries that you hardly use.  Otherwise keep them in a bag, together with toiletries and cosmetics samples, and use them when you travel (that will save you space in your luggage) or put them in a nice basket in the guest bathroom.

A bathroom can be a nice place to relax the time of a shower after a long day so make it as nice as possible!  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help to create a beautifully organised bathroom.

Get organised and make room for life!



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