Online Organising Coaching

You need help to declutter and organise your home but…

You’re quite nervous about allowing a stranger to witness the full extent of the mayhem – even though, rest assured, I wouldn’t be judging you.

You need some guidance on where to start and how to do it, but you’d rather do things on your own.

You can’t afford the time to spend 3 consecutive hours on a hands-on organising session.

You don’t live in Singapore, yet my philosophy resonates with you and you feel you’d be comfortable working with me – after all, it’s a key element for the success of an organising project.


I can help you achieve your decluttering and organising goals through online organising coaching sessions.

Whether you’re about to embark on your organising journey, or you’ve already been trying on your own but are getting nowhere, we can make it work through online organising coaching sessions as long as you have access to Skype or WhatsApp, AND are prepared to execute things on your own.

You’ll get expert advice to point you in the right direction and/or support to help you stay on track with your plan.


Each online organising coaching session is customised to your goals and needs, but here’s what you can expect:
  • A good dose of inspiration to help you kick start your organising journey, and a lot of motivation and encouragement to keep going when the going gets tough
  • Guidance to develop and execute a tailored action plan to organise your home or a move, to set up systems to deal with paper and digital files etc.
  • Tips and suggestions related to decluttering methods, space planning, storage aids, maintenance strategies etc.
  • Accountability to help you stay on track with your plan if you opt for several sessions throughout your organising journey.


The fee for a 75-minute online session is S$180. 


Inquire or schedule your online organising coaching session with me now!

Let’s have a free 20-minute phone chat so that I can answer any questions you may have and ensure that online coaching sessions are suitable for you.

Last year Nathalie and I had an online coaching session that helped me to finally get control of my paper clutter.  The results of our discussion meant that I felt better about myself and less overwhelmed by the tasks I had to do.  This allowed me to tackle the problem with a new perspective and enthusiasm.

During our call we discussed what systems would work best for me. I was able to put those actions into place immediately after the discussion. I put into practice the workable tips and techniques she recommended and I am still using them eight months later. 

Nathalie’s kind and empathetic demeanor meant that I felt more comfortable discussing my challenges with her.  She listened to me and was able to help me find what worked for me and what did not. I would definitely recommend that anyone would benefit from working with Nathalie, she can help you whether you are at the start of your journey or if you’ve just got stuck and bit overwhelmed. 

Julie Kenny, Singapore


I feel privileged to have worked with Nathalie on my wardrobe decluttering project. As I’m being based in Switzerland, our exchanges were done online through Skype. The whole process went very smoothly and I’m absolutely delighted by the result I’ve achieved as it completely meets my goals.

Nathalie is patient, understanding and full of helpful advice. She has great listening skills and was a huge source of motivation. She has been a catalyst for other changes in my life as our work together led me to redecorate my entire flat. I particularly enjoyed her down to earth approach, completely customised to my needs and adapted to my lifestyle. Purging can sometimes be difficult, painful even. Nathalie was able to find the right words to encourage me with a lot of respect and kindness.

I’d highly recommend to anybody looking to improve their daily life even if they are not based in Singapore to contact Nathalie and start this process. The result will be a real breath of fresh air!

Cindy Humbert, Switzerland


I first met Nathalie in Singapore, before ‘Get Organised and Beyond’ was fully up and running. It was only after I’d moved back to the UK when we were having a friendly exchange of messages that I mentioned the chaos in my wardrobe and Nathalie offered to help out with an online coaching session. This suited me perfectly as I could send photos of my clothes storage without revealing damning evidence of dis-organisation in other areas! Plus I could implement the plan we made in small blocks of time that I had available on my own schedule. Nathalie followed up to gently nudge me along and while the changes were small in some ways, it’s surprising what a difference they make.

Nathalie is very approachable, non-judgemental and must have good ideas because I am still using the suggestions she made over a year ago.  If you’re thinking that you could do with some help it’s well worth speaking to her – it’s so much easier to make the changes happen when someone is offering advice that comes without emotional attachment, but definitely with friendly support.

Erica Tiller, UK