Do you wonder why it is every time you try to organise your home, you end up right back where you started?  Hum… let me guess…


You skip the decluttering stage because you find it difficult to let go.

You fear you might need the item in the future.  Or you feel guilty of letting go because of the financial or sentimental value you attach to it.

Trust me, you’re not alone.  Most people do find it difficult to let go.

But why is it important to declutter?  Because if you don’t do anything about it, your house or flat will eventually become more of a storage unit than a home – unless you move to a bigger home or rent external storage space.  And even if money is not a concern to you, do you really want to spend time and energy taking care of something that has outlived its purpose?

“Your home should be the antidote to stress.  Not the cause.”  Peter Walsh

Get Organised and Beyond Singapore Clutter Free And Organised

And the good news is, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.  Because you start realising the weight of the stuff you’ve been carrying on your shoulders and how easier your life becomes once you start streamlining it and have a clutter-free and organised home.

So don’t miss this step.  Only you can decide what’s important in your life and what does or doesn’t belong in it.  But having someone by your side who will make you look at your belongings in a different light so you’re able to change your relationship to your stuff can be extremely helpful, on the basis that person won’t influence or judge your decisions, of course.


You underestimate the time it takes to organise your home and give up along the way.

Getting organised does take time.  Clutter hasn’t happened overnight, right?  So don’t expect it to disappear overnight either!

Instead of the task, try to focus on the benefits you’re going to get by having a clutter-free and organised home.  Getting organised is bound to make you save time in many areas of your life and to improve your mental well-being.

Get Organised and Beyond Singapore Clutter Free And Organised

Although getting organised is not rocket science, you can save time in the process by learning a proper approach.  Many professional organisers have come up with their own methodologies, but in the end, they are not so different.  This is the approach I’ve developed and use with my own clients.

Obviously having me by their side for all, or part, of the process also helps them stay focused, fight off distractions and feelings of indecision and keep them motivated which in the end save them even more time.

If the idea of organising your entire home is overwhelming (trust me, it is for most people!), start with a little corner or a category of items.  Just keep going until you get it organised, and once organised, maintain it that way.  Then once it has become almost second nature for you to keep it clutter-free and organised, move to another corner.  It may take time, new habits take between 3 to 6 weeks to stick, but eventually you’ll get there.


You think moving things around and sticking them in boxes will get you organised.

The thing is, organisation isn’t about the “stuff”.  No, it’s about you, your habits and how you manage your stuff.  Getting organised involves setting up processes, systems and tools.  Once these are in place, your home will follow and stay clutter-free and organised.

At this stage, I need to clear a common misconception about getting organised.  It’s not a talent you’re born with, it’s a skill that can be learned and that requires practice.  And that’s what I try to transfer to my clients during our time working together – easy-to-implement, customised organising solutions that we apply to specific spaces in their home.  Once they grasp those concepts, they’re able to use them in other areas of their home, even after our work together is done.  So they’re developing a lifelong skill that will make it easier to maintain and build off of these changes.


I often come across people saying “Who needs to pay for this type of help?  I / You can do that!”.  Others think that something is wrong with them, that they should know how to do it and feel embarrassed to ask for help.  But then when they don’t reach their goals, demotivation sets in and it’s even harder to start all over.

As Amanda, one of my clients, said “Professional organisation is an investment – you invest in the time (and maybe even discomfort) of figuring out what’s not working, so you can cleanse, declutter and put a system in place.  But once that system’s in place? You’ll have more time and head space to focus on what matters.  A bloody great return on investment, if you’re willing to take the plunge.”

Check what other past clients have to say about our work together and contact me if you struggle at any stage of your organising journey.  I’ll be there for you, to hold you accountable, coach you and guide you throughout the process, understand the emotional or psychological barriers or issues that have created the situation in the first place, empower you to make decisions that are going to leave you liberated, not regretful, and teach you a lifelong skill.


This blog post was first published on Connected Women.


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