Have you been putting off again the “spring cleaning” your wardrobe is desperately screaming for?  Is it because you can’t face the idea of making decisions on all these clothes and accessories you have accumulated in your wardrobe?  Or because you’ve already tried to declutter and organise your wardrobe but lost the motivation along the way?  Trust me, you’re not alone!

The trick to getting started and to keep going is to focus on the benefits you’re going to get from having an organised wardrobe instead of focusing on the task itself.  Here are six main benefits for you for having an organised wardrobe.


1 | With an organised wardrobe, your clothes will last longer

An organised wardrobe will give you better visibility of the clothes you own so you will be less likely to buy duplicates (or multiples!) of clothes you already have but had forgotten you had.  With fewer clothes in your wardrobe, your clothes won’t be crammed or fall off the hanger when you try to retrieve a piece of clothing.

Every piece of clothing will have a dedicated home, so you won’t be tempted to shove it in any random place or leave it on a chair after being worn or washed.  You’ll be more inclined to take better care of your clothes and they will last longer.


2 | With an organised wardrobe, you’ll be able to easily put an outfit together

You’ll be able to see the contents of your wardrobe and locate right away the piece of clothing you want to wear.

You’ll be able to mix and match your clothes and accessorise them because you’ll have a wardrobe made of pieces that you love, that fit you, that are in good condition, that can be coordinated with other pieces in your wardrobe etc. so nothing will be in your way of putting an outfit together.


3 | With an organised wardrobe, you’ll hit the ground running

As your clothes will be maintained in good condition, you won’t need to waste time attending to them, whether it’s ironing, mending or even washing them, before you want to wear them.

Finding the piece of clothing you want to wear as soon as you open your wardrobe will also save you time to get ready.  In fact, you’ll probably be able to visualise the contents of your wardrobe and create your outfits in your mind even before opening the doors of your wardrobe!  I usually decide what I’m going to wear the next day when I switch off the lights at bedtime before falling asleep.


4 | With an organised wardrobe, you’ll save money

You’ll be wearing more of the clothes you own because you’ll be able to see them and won’t forget about them.  You won’t be buying multiples of clothes you already have but had forgotten you had.

You’ll be less likely to buy random pieces that won’t match anything in your wardrobe.  In fact, you’ll probably be more discerning when it comes to buying new clothes.

And because your wardrobe will look tidier and more inviting, you’ll be more inclined to “shop your wardrobe” and make your clothes work for you instead of buying new ones.


5 | With an organised wardrobe, you’ll have peace of mind

Gone the feeling of overwhelm for seeing the clutter!  Gone the frustration of worrying about what’s going to fall off on your head when you open your closets!  Gone the stress of deciding what to wear and being late for work or an event!


6 | With an organised wardrobe, you’ll feel empowered

You’ll be better dressed and feel more confident in clothes that fit you and make you feel good.  You won’t be wearing the same clothes over and over again because you have no choice.  You might even be able to make peace with your body.  Your self-esteem will rise.  You’ll be happier!

Benefits Organised Wardrobe | Get Organised and Beyond Singapore

My past client whom I’ll name Juliana for confidentiality reason is a good example of what I mean by being empowered by your clothes.

Juliana had brought me in to help her organise her overflowing wardrobe so she could dress quickly in the morning.  When we first met, she confessed she hadn’t been able to lose her pregnancy weight.  It turned out that only 20% of her clothes in her wardrobe fitted her, more than half of these being maternity clothes.  For those of you who have been through a pregnancy, I’m sure you can imagine how Juliana felt after wearing pregnancy clothes for about 2 years, right?  Every morning, she would spend an awfully long and painful time standing in front of her wardrobe, not knowing what to wear and feeling fat and hopeless.

So, we did a massive declutter and organise her wardrobe around clothes that did fit her at that point in her life.  As a result, she could dress quickly and confidently, but most importantly she was able to regain her self-esteem and make peace with her body.  And coincidentally or not, she started losing weight shortly afterwards.  To understand the correlation between clutter and weight, I  invite you to read Peter Walsh’s book “Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight”.


So for those of you who aspire to have an organised wardrobe but don’t know where to start or how to do it, get in touch!  Helping women declutter and organise their wardrobes and witnessing the transformations that it triggers in their lives is one of my biggest job satisfactions.  I have a number of options to offer, whether one-on-one onsite or online sessions or online group classes.  Make the first step today and let’s discuss which option would work best for you.


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