How To Beat The Morning Rush



Are you always in a rush in the morning on school days trying to make sure everyone gets ready on time?

Do you make the school bus wait or drop your child at school past the time?

Does your child’s schoolwork, physical education kit or music instrument often get forgotten at home?

Although this moment of the day is short, mornings can get very intense and charged with crankiness and low patience level. And have you noticed how parting with your family members with feelings of anger, frustration or resentment can set the mood for the rest of the day?


If you want to bring smooth mornings back into your life, join me, ideally with your child, in this 90-minute interactive workshop, where both of you will learn simple yet effective systems so you can be out of the door on time with everything you need without rushing, part with your loved ones on a positive not and better focus on the tasks at hand for the day.

Here’s what we’ll cover during this workshop:

1 | Creating a morning routine for your child so things are done with less resistance

2 | Preparing the night (or even weekend!) before so things are not left for the last minute

3| Setting up a launching pad where to consolidate everything that’s needed for school.

This is a hands-on, interactive, workshop where you’ll be guided to customise the tools shared with you during the workshop to your family’s needs so you leave the workshop fully equipped and hit the ground running as soon as you reach home.


This is a fantastic opportunity to teach your child some ORGANISING SKILLS that will last her a lifetime and that will immediately help her gain INDEPENDENCE and boost her CONFIDENCE!

My husband and 11-year old son attended Nathalie’s HOW TO BEAT THE MORNING RUSH workshop. There has been a big improvement in our mornings since then, thanks in particular to the morning routine they had developed during the workshop, and also to the fact that my son now gets his school bag ready by the door the night before. I still have to remind him not to start reading a book before he is ready, otherwise that gets our mornings derailed, but there is definitely something positive that has been ingrained in his mind. Thanks and bravo Nathalie for this useful workshop!

Naoko Ruffier