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Time Management Coaching Programme

Three one-on-one sessions of two hours each

Get Organised and Beyond Singapore Time Management Coaching Program

Do you ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? That your true priorities often take a backseat to the problems that other people put on your plate throughout the day?

This is fairly common, especially in our fast-paced, 24/7-connected world.  But the good news is that it can be under your control.

And I can work with you to get a firm grasp on your time management so that you wake up energised and focused on the coming day… and you lay your head down each night, calm and satisfied with what you were able to accomplish.


I’ve created an Introductory Time Management Coaching Programme, to help you achieve these results.

The programme includes three one-on-one sessions of two hours each. And, depending on your location and availability, we can connect in-person or through Skype.

Here’s what you’ll learn

1. Build a weekly schedule

A schedule that’s based on your goals, your needs and your preferences.  With so many things vying for your attention, it’s crucial that you have a clear time map that allows you to give balanced attention to all of the important areas of your life.


2. Choose a planning tool

A planning tool is a MUST to write down your plans and schedule for the day!  But with all of the options available on the market, it can be difficult to make the right choice.  I’ll help you choose the tool that fits your needs and your preferences so that you can put it to use right away. 

3. Create a meaningful to-do list

Again, focus is our #1 resource in effective time management.  And nothing helps more than having a written to-do list that you refer to throughout the day.  This also allows you to match up your daily to-do’s with your larger goals for the week, month and year.  So it will be easier to manage your projects, stay focused and streamline your activities to make sure you’re keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

4. Identify and deal with distractions that derail your best laid plans

Maybe it’s your friend that has a knack for calling right when you’re in the middle of something, and not letting you off the phone.  Or maybe it’s social media, where you log on for ‘just a second’, only to find yourself having wasted an hour of time watching funny videos and looking at pictures from someone else’s holiday.  Or they can be habits that cost you large chunks of time, such as multi-tasking, perfectionism, and procrastination.  I’ll share techniques to learn how to control those time-wasters that suck up your time.

Here are the results you can expect from joining my Time Management Coaching Programme:

  • Increased efficiency at home and at work
  • Greater sense of accomplishment
  • Feeling more present and connected so that you can make the most of your work time and enjoy your off time to the fullest
  • Reduced stress levels which will make you happier and more productive
  • Feel more control with a greater ability to make well-thought-out decisions on how you spend your time
  • Higher energy levels to complete your high-priority tasks
  • Certainty that you’re living a more balanced life

Get Organised & Beyond - Time management

The price for this programme is S$660 if done through Skype, or S$720 if done face-to-face. 

Once we’ve completed our initial three sessions, we’ll review our progress and decide whether additional sessions would be beneficial to help you hone additional skills.

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