How To Tame Your Paper Clutter Workshop

Get Rid Of Those Paper Piles - Once And For All!

Ticket price: S$120

Get Organised And Beyond Singapore Tame Paper Clutter Workshop


Do you have stacks of documents that seem to re-appear within hours or days of your past attempts to straighten up?

Do you or your family find it difficult to locate a document when you most need it?

Do you waste time, get frustrated and sometimes overlook bills and other important documents, resulting in late fees or other costly penalties?

You’re not alone! Paper is undeniably the most common organising challenge in our households.

If you want to free yourself from the burden of your paper clutter, but are not sure where to start or how to achieve it, this workshop is for you.


In this 2.5-hour workshop, Professional Organiser Nathalie Ricaud will teach you 4 simple processes to tame your paper clutter, once and for all!

Here's what will be covered during this workshop:

1 | How to deal with the incoming flow of paper using Nathalie’s tried and tested paper retention process flow

2| How to establish a robust filing system so you can easily find any document you need whenever you need it

3 | How to make sure you’ll be actioning your to-do’s so that your papers are really dealt with

4 | How to ruthlessly yet confidently do a purging of your files tapping on Nathalie’s 7 simple yet powerful questions and her documents retention schedule.

Get Organised And Beyond Singapore Tame Paper Clutter Workshop

Participants will have multiple opportunities during the workshop to put these processes in practice.  In order to achieve this, they will be required to bring along a pile of the most recent documents they can find on their desk and on any other flat surfaces at home.

Want to get rid of those paper piles, once and for all?

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The next workshop is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday 2nd October 2018. 

Thank you for your “Tame your paper clutter” workshop! I am a tidy and pretty well organised person, but your workshop helped me reconsider my filing and how to maximise my time. I’ve already applied your advices and the 45 documents that were lying on my desk are now nicely organised in 10 folders: to do, to file, to scan, pending… It makes me feel so much better! And it gave me the motivation to scan the piles of paper that had accumulated for the last 3 weeks. It’s a huge success! Now I just need to learn how to declutter my digital world!



How to tame your paper workshop is a practical and solution-focused workshop with a lot of very good tips that you can put in practise right away. It proved extremely useful to me and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with piles of paper at home.

Pamposh Dhar