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Are you organising an event or conference and looking for opportunities to engage your attendees in an inspirational yet practical topic?  To create a motivating workspace for your employees?  To equip your teams with knowledge and skills on decluttering and organisation?  You’ve come to the right place!

My aim is to give the attendees of my talks and workshops the motivation to start their organising journey and the confidence that they too can live a clutter-free and organised life.

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We’re drowning in clutter. Many people tend to put the blame on the size of their home. But the reality is that we own too much. We buy excessively and we accumulate unnecessarily. 

Whether we realise it or not, clutter takes a toll on our lives.  Not only it makes us waste time and money, but it also affects our happiness and well-being. 

In my talk, I share the transformation that happens in individuals and their families, not only with their physical spaces, but also at a mental and emotional level, when simple yet effective solutions are put in place to get organised or regain control over their schedules. 

The audience typically walks away with the motivation to start their organising journey and plenty of pragmatic tips and solutions to achieve a clutter-free and organised life. 

Nathalie Ricaud Public Speaker Singapore

The organisations I have spoken to include AirBnB, DBS, Ikea, Infuse, National Library Board, People Association, Primetime, Prudential and Robinsons.  


All my talks and workshops are customised to suit your audience needs and size. 

Please contact me if you have any topic in mind related to decluttering and home organisation, children’s organisation, workspace organisation and time management and we’ll discuss whether I can address it in a talk or workshop.  

Nathalie Ricaud Public Speaker Singapore

Nathalie is a fabulous speaker on the topic of clutter and organisation. She is persuasive and the audience walks away with practical advice on decluttering their lives.

Lavinia Thanapathy, Board Director and KeyNote Speaker


We have worked with Nathalie on several occasions and it’s always a pleasure to have her. She has great passion and enthusiasm for her job and is very detailed in her presentation. Somehow, she always manages to strike a chord with the audience and you can count on her to provide great tips and solutions for those facing home organisation dilemmas. You don’t often see people taking notes at open talks but many of our audience do so at Nathalie’s. There is always something new to bring home from her talks even for the same topic as Nathalie makes it a point to interact with her audience and share interesting anecdotes with them. We certainly look forward to working with her on our future events!

Carol Lian, Travel & Lifestyle Editor at Full House Communications