I often get asked by my clients what’s the best shoe storage solution.  Well the thing is… there’s no best solution.  Simply because what works for someone may not work for someone else.  With all that’s said, let me give a few pointers for you to consider when examining your options.


1 | With Singapore hot and humid climate, it’s best to store your shoes in a dark and cool area so that they’re not exposed to too much sunlight and dampness and as a result get damaged.

2 | Also with the exception of flip flops, avoid stacking your shoes on top of one another otherwise they’ll lose their shape over time.

3 | Your shoes should be kept off the floor so that they don’t clutter up your space, making it a sore sight and increasing your housekeeping time.


Shoe cabinet or rack, shelves and slide-out racks are the most common shoe storage options.

Some people like to keep their shoes in a separate shoe storage unit away from their clothes.  Others prefer to keep them inside their wardrobe, typically at the bottom, so that they can see their clothes and shoes at one glance and easily style an outfit.  If you opt for the latter, I highly encourage you to give your shoes a quick clean after wearing them so as not to bring too much dirt near your clothes.

Get Organised and Beyond Singapore Shoe Storage Wardrobe


It first depends on your willingness and ability to cope with the extra steps, 4 to be precise, needed to retrieve your shoes: (1) take the box out (2) take the lid off (3) take the shoes out (4) put the lid back and (5) put the box back.  Same when you put away your shoes after you wore them.  So make sure you’re prepared to do that.  Otherwise your shoes will quickly end up on the floor or in a pile in your cabinet and before you know it, clutter will be back!

It also depends on the number of shoes you have vs. the configuration of your shoe storage unit.  If the height between two shelves allows you to stack two boxes or more, then keeping the box will allow you to fit in more pairs of shoes.  Otherwise you’ll probably be able to fit more pairs if you don’t keep the box, especially if you alternate the shoes facing.

If you decide to keep your shoes in their original box, write a description of the shoes on the box or paste a picture of the shoes so you can easily identify them.  Alternatively invest in clear shoe storage boxes.


Make use of the vertical space by using over-the-door shoe organiser or wall-mounted shoe rack if you’re comfortable displaying your shoes.  Store your shoes in pairs though so that you don’t waste time finding the second shoe when you need it.

Or make use of hidden space such as the space under your bed.  Reserve this option for your least worn shoes, your winter boots for example.  Consider stuffing shoes with paper to help them retain their shape.  Make sure the paper is acid-free so that it won’t damage the material.


You can place a basket near the entrance to “dump” the shoes that you most frequently use provided they won’t risk to get damaged e.g. flip flops, trainers, school shoes etc.  This option is also good for young children so that they can start the habit of putting things back where they belong without much effort.  If you have the space, you can place a basket for each family member. 

Get Organised and Beyond Singapore Shoe Storage Basket

I’d love to know which solution works best for you.  Please comment below.

Get organised and make room for life!