The Kick-start Session

Getting acquainted with your professional organiser

A three-hour in-person session

Get Organised And Beyond Singapore Organising Kickstart Session

The kick-start session is designed to get you acquainted with working with a professional organiser (me!) while getting stuck in. It’s a hands-on session where we’ll be working side by side on one of your “problem” areas.

Pick an area (your wardrobe, desk, or fridge) and we’ll tackle it with a combination of decluttering, organising, and putting systems in place that you’ve never thought of.

By the end of this session we’ll either have transformed the space entirely or put the structure in place for you to be confidently in control.

We’ll also discuss your next move and ideas for change. After the session, I’ll start having an idea of how you operate in your space and what we can do to transform your space and streamline the way you live.

The price for the three-hour kick-start session is $390. 


What's covered:


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Nathalie helped de-clutter several areas which were really getting me down: my walk-in wardrobe was overflowing, the under-stairs storage crammed and inaccessible, the home office desk covered in paper, not to mention the kids’ toys ever expanding and out of control.

I found Nathalie’s approach very refreshing – constructive and not judgemental. We cleared an enormous quantity of unused stuff and I’m now the proud owner of a well-organised tidy house for the first time. It’s a great feeling!

Rachael Herring, Change Management Consultant