The Decluttering Lifestyle Shift

Your home transformation

Your investment: Starting from S$1,080

To make a change and experience long-lasting results, you must stay accountable and inspired.


The journey is fully customised, but here’s what you can expect:


Goal setting

During our Kick-start Session, you shared your vision and goals with me. Now it’s time to implement them and overcome your challenges! We’ll map out our plan of action for the coming months, identifying which areas we’ll cover.

Here’s what’s on the table:

  • Making your bedroom a sanctuary, a place where you can rest and relax, away from life stresses
  • Creating a wardrobe that makes you feel empowered
  • Organising your children’ clothes, toys, school and artwork in such a way that your children can help you maintain a clutter-free home
  • Setting up a conducive yet efficient desk and home office
  • Revamping your kitchen organisation, not only your fridge, pantry and cabinets but also your approach to meal planning
  • Establishing processes so that you can stay on top of your digital life i.e. your photos, files and emails
  • Looking at space savings solutions to create beautiful bathrooms
  • Giving you time management tools – so you not only make space but also TIME for what matters


We’ll define exactly what we’ll do to get you feeling in control and on the path of lifestyle harmony.


Hands-on decluttering, organisation, motivation, and accountability.

Min 3 x 3-hour sessions to supercharge your home transformation. I’m with you all the way.

At first we’ll meet at least once a week to get the momentum going. This part is intensive. We’ll be elbows deep decluttering and creating the foundation for organisation throughout your home.

Subsequently we’ll meet once every two weeks. There’ll be homework and accountability. Think donating, selling, and continuing with an area we started so you’ll see and feel huge results by the finishing life.

Ongoing support and tools

I have an entire toolbox up my sleeve depending on how far you want to take the transformation. Things like goals setting, clothes lifestyle analysis, consumption-fasting (where I challenge you to take a break from clothes and accessories shopping) etc.

My goal is to give you a lifestyle breakthrough so you look at things differently so you let go of the old and welcome the meaningful.