Overwhelmed by all your stuff?  Do you want to learn to let go of the clutter and bring harmony into your home and life?

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Your home is a sacred space.

Get Organised And Beyond Singapore Your Home Is A Sacred Place

Creating the best environment for your family means everything to you.

You’re not a “hoarder” by any means, but somehow your possessions have gotten out of control. You feel overwhelmed and tired of feeling disorganised.

Only, you don’t know where to start.

You don’t have the time or can’t face the idea to do it on your own and it seems like every time you’ve tried, nothing’s changed. 

That’s because decluttering and getting organised isn’t just about “throwing things out” and sticking things in boxes.

If it were that simple, you would have done it by now.

There’s a reason you decided to keep that dress you’ve never worn and why your closet’s overstuffed. Or why you bought a third cork screw (despite having two others lurking somewhere). Why your desk is covered in paper and why you misplaced your keys again.

Believe me, I know.

Like most things in life, clutter and disorganisation are unconscious habits that form over time.

Declutter wardrobe

Organisation isn’t about the “stuff”.

It’s about YOU, your habits and how you manage your stuff.
Because the truth about organisation?
Once you have the tools, systems and mindset in place, your home will follow.

It’s what I call a decluttering lifestyle shift and I’m here to help you achieve it.

Some happy clients I've helped

Before I met Nathalie, the thought of decluttering my home made me break into a cold sweat.  But there was absolutely no need to be anxious.  Nathalie is a lovely person: calm, generous and absolutely non-judgmental.  She helped me put systems in place to deal with the never ending chaos generated by 3 children.  The outcome is a home that is still lived in but clutter-free and organized beautifully.  I couldn’t recommend her services more.  If you're considering it, just do it. 

Shola Asante
Writer, journalist and mother of 3

Nathalie taught me that professional organisation is not about forcing yourself to be something you’re not, but about learning ways to be more efficient in a way that works for you. It's an investment – you invest in the time (and maybe even discomfort) of figuring out what’s not working, so you can cleanse, declutter and put a system in place. But once that system’s in place? You’ll have more time and head space to focus on what matters. Thank you Nathalie for helping me get my paperwork and “data clutter” in order. 

Amanda Blum
Writer, Storyteller, Humanist